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New Youtube Video from Lucy Cat


HOLIDAY IN MEGAVILLA- A very personal ROOM TOUR! So, as you've probably heard, I was inactive for a while. It was because I was on holiday in Denmark. Nevertheless, I had the camera with me and uploaded you a small video. A Roomtour of my house by me personally. With many small facts about my vacation, where I was exactly and what I like to do on vacation. I hope you like the video, if of course like and leave a subscription! Thick kiss. Lucy

Venus Erotic Show 2018 in Berlin

24.08.2018 - Lucy Cat

VENUS EROTIC SHOW BERLIN 2018! 😀 I am this year at the Venus Erotic Fair 2018 and who has not noticed yet, I am official Venus Face 2018. Of course, this has advantages for you! You can buy your Venustickets through me this year and support me. There is a cool discount on the cards and your card automatically participates in the raffle. There are mega prizes this year. You can win many complete packages like Towel + DVD2018 + Cap + Poster + Autograph, or even a nude photo with me. Smaller prices are also available. Of course, you can also buy your ticket for the Lexy Roxx Day and still participate in my raffle. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all this year. We have a bar on the stand and of course a show stage where there is certainly a bit of bare skin to see! You see, everything is taken care of! So treat yourself to the Lucy Cat discount and let's have a lot of sexy fun! Kiss Lucy

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World Wide Wohnzimmer - in her hardest interview

11.08.2018 - Lucy Cat

I was really happy about my visit to the WorldWide Wohnzimmer. The shows with me have been published and you can watch them on WWW on Youtube. Since there were of course very mean and bad questions with the Twins, I returned the favor with my questions. The Twins face your toughest questions. Pretty personal questions and a look at the twins that did not exist before. Feel free to come in and leave me a subscription there on the Youtube Channel. Have fun watching. Lucy

Sex trip to norway - Fishing and Fucking!

01.07.2018 - Lucy Cat

So I am back from Norway! What a cool vacation! We went with a small group of singles and couples to Norway to go fishing and of course to have some sex. Of course, Norway does not have sex holiday offers, but if Lucy Cat is there, sex cannot be missing... Already on the way there on the ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand it was quite off! There I shot my first clip. This situation was pretty much crazy. Only two centimeters of plastic wall separated me and my guy from getting caught... What happend next was really unexpected... The full story you can see on my Instagram channel LUCYCATOFFICIAL. Follow me on Insta!

Backstage in the porn villa - Lucy Cat

21.06.2018 - Lucy Cat

Porn villa ?? You want to know what I did in there, then check out my Youtube video! I was booked for a latex shoot by Marcellino, a good friend of mine and erotic producers from Holland! The place where the shoot took place was very blatant! The porn villa. He was there one week to produce content for his website. Say a whole house full of naked girls and shooting gear! I only shoot as an amateur, but it was really exciting to look behind the scenes with a professional set. Of course I had my V-Log camera with me! You can look at everything together with me .. How does it look behind the scenes at a real porn shoot, how big is the villa, what girls are there, how many people work behind the cameras ... But the most exciting was a SM-DREH where I was there live with the camera. At the end of course you will also see my latex photoshoot and some results. I hope you like them! Of course, if you are active on Youtube, I am looking forward to receiving a subscription from you! Do not forget to remember! Kiss your Lucy

Lucy Cat - when a porn star googles herself


What happens when a pornstar googles herself? Well, the title reveals everything! I tried it and made a video about it. From my super talent occurs, news, pictures almost everything was there... Cool were the questions in the "good questions" forum of you! I hope you have a lot of fun with the video! Kiss your Lucy



"Either or Challenge" - 70 questions in under four minutes. Who do you think is hornier "Batman or Superman"? What do you prefer to eat "chocolate or vanilla pudding"? Seventy simple "Either Or" questions are asked spontaneously, which I then answer directly ... Maybe you are more like me than you think ... Check your own answers and write like in the video below in the comments, whether we are created for each other or not ... kiss Lucy

Top 5 of the most bizarre webcam fetishes


So I experience a lot in my webcam. That's why it never gets boring. I think fetishes are cool, because these people know what they want and have already dealt with their sexuality. As a result, I know, of course, what is also desired in the webcam. If you have a fetish, then visit me in my webcam and we live together ... To the video: There were 5 fetishes that I like to remember, because they were something special. I did a little video about that ... kiss Lucy

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