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Hey, I am glad that you visit me on my official website. Everything you are looking for is here - 100% Lucy Cat! I tell you private details from my life, tell you my sexual preferences and of course you get here all my hot Lucy Cat amateur porn! I think I did not promise you too much. Surely you will get to know many new facets of mine that you have not thought possible and that will let you blush 😉 I wish you a lot of wet fun now on my side! Fat kiss, Lucy Cat

My favorites when it comes to sex

Anal sex, public sex and dirty talk - and these are just a few of my sexual preferences. I'm totally curious and keen to experiment, try out new sex practices and live out my lust unrestrained. The main thing is the fun always in the foreground! Do you have a fetish? I am totally fascinated by some fetishes and it excites me when I live them out. Pee is probably my favorite, but there's also a darker side in me that likes it a bit harder - S/M. Sometimes Lucy Cat takes off her claws and dominates you. Be curious!

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Every sunday, I will turn on my Livecam and am always curious to see who visits me this time. I am always especially happy about people who are a bit different from the boring rest who live out their fetishes or make their sexual fantasies real. I find that totally fascinating! Visit me sometimes in the WebCam, we can heat each other and you're guaranteed to shoot! FANTASIES? Fetishes? Dirty Talk? Do you feel addressed? I'm open for everything. Bis See you in my Livecam right away, if you like!

Lucy Cat - Erotic fascinates me

Hey, I'm Lucy Cat, nice that you're here! So that you can make a first impression, I first tell a little about me ... I was born in Rostock and 21 years young, 162 cm tall and weigh 49 kg crunchy. My left arm is completely tattooed, have a look at my sexy photos or Lucy-Cat Amateursex videos, you can watch them. However, more tattoos should not come to that, because I think that a tattooed arm is enough for my petite body and I find it so sexy. At the moment I'm still a student. I am studying traffic management with specialization in logistics. I had my first time at 14, but really the topic of sex / porn since the age of 16 accompanies me. At that time I really wanted to become a dominatrix. Since then, everything about eroticism has not let go of me, the topic is just very exciting for me and my sex was always fancier - in the cinema, in the car, spontaneously walk, whether anal / rimming or a prostate massage for my friend - the everything was and is part of my private sex life. As well as the fact that I always liked sex in front of other people. Was I caught outdoor or public in spontaneous sex times or people looked at me directly, it made me extremely horny. At the beginning of 19, I separated from my then boyfriend and was looking for a way to combine my fascination for eroticism with my sexual desires. Why not even make a private porn, I thought.

My first private porn - Lucy Cat

Just in the university, just 19 and single, I decided to make a porn video. So I asked a guy at the university, if he would not like to make an awesome movie with me and then put it on the Internet. That's how my first Amateursex video titled "Student juiced out in a dorm", which we filmed in a dorm 😀 That was in January 2014. Since I love cats and have one at home, I found the stage name Lucy Cat great and got my first Amateur porn uploaded as Lucy Cat at an amateur portal. Looking back, I am thrilled today to have taken this step and love the sex in front of the camera, then and now. My curiosity and my lust for sex, you can feel in each of my Amateursex videos, that makes them special. Write me a feedback or just a message, if you like. You can also contact me directly and we meet live in the webcam. Thick Bussi Lucy Cat

sexual preferences of lucy cat

I love sex in front of the camera and porn in general. These are my passions, in all variants. Lucy-Cat gives me the opportunity to live my exhibitionistic side and to always try out and experience new things. During sex, I know little taboos and am very keen to experiment, it must be fun. That's why I am an amateur and decide what I turn - so lust / lust / fun are always real in my private pornography, what you will feel immediately when watching!


I especially like anal sex and deepthroating. I love dirty and taboo-free sex, because the simplicity of unrestrained sex turns me on and really satisfies me! I love to do rimming and prostate massages and show that in many of my Lucy-Cat amateur pornos. The thought of giving my sexual partner his perhaps most violent orgasm, excites me enormously and irritates me again and again on the prostate massage. Public sex is just fun and gives me a kick. Since I like to show myself naked anyway, I would never want to do without it!

Sex without inhibitions and hot fetishes

I love fetishes like high heels and nylons, because I like sexy underwear and great heels very erotic and love to wear them. In my opinion, a woman becomes even more elegant, stylish and gets more sex appeal through great lingerie. Pee and latex have something wicked for me, which somehow attracts me magically, maybe because I'm experimental and just like it messed up. You can also find Ass2Mouth or Creampies in my Amateursex videos, because I can make a man a pleasure with that and I like to be ready because I do not think it's bad. Its just about give and take 🙂 Dirty Talk is one of my specialty, as well as dominate the SM area. My talent and interest I have discovered only through porn, it means a lot to me personally and has become my passion.


Take me doggy style

My first anal sex I had at the age of 17. My ex-boyfriend wanted to try it out and I was also curious to know how it feels. The first few times it almost did not work and I could not really relax. It changed when we came home from the 18th birthday of my best friend and we were both a little drunk. Since then I had the first time really long anal sex and equally pretty hard. It was really cool at the moment and I had fun for the first time on ass fucking. The next two days, my asshole was huge and did not tighten back! Because of this I needed a break first and anal was a very bad topic. But after some time I was totally curious again I wanted to try it again. We had a relaxing evening, had a drink and started slowly. Everything was right! I thought it was cool and every slow deep thrust triggered a tingling sensation with me. And the next day everything was again as tight as it should be 😉 But one thing in the great anal experience bothered me anyway and I wanted to change that. Since I rarely drink alcohol and do not like the taste, it used to be okay to relax a bit, but that should not be the means to an end. Therefore, I asked myself the question, how I could relax to the same extent and have horny anal sex. The trick was really easy. Just before he wanted to stick his cock in my ass, I'm on the very first moment, as I would have pee, concentrated and held this state. So everything was relaxed and everything was wonderful. It tingled as well and it felt cool to feel a cock in the ass. Then the feeling became more and more familiar and after some time it went without my thought help. Assfuck and even ASS2Mouth became part of my absolute sexual preference and I love it privately and in front of the camera! That's why you'll find the hottest anal sex videos only with me! 🙂

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Private questions and answers from Lucy Cat

If I'm momentarily not online, then...

I own a horse, love to take time for my 2 cats and also love fishing!

What is my favorite Sport?

horse riding

What would I love to do at some point?

Buy naked food ;)

My dream partner looks like...

broad schoulders

What are my best qualities?

i think i´m a really honest person

What's my favorite dish?

i love german food and milkrice

What do I dislike about sex?

when someone don´t accept borders

What do I wish while having sex?

Es muss einfach passen, ich da da für vieles offen....

My favourite sex positions:

Doggy :)

My most exciting erotic experience:

Im Penny Markt... :D Direkt an dem Kühltresen...

Which fetish do I have?

Sissy Erziehung, Prostatamassagen, CBT, Feminisierung

Who am I looking for?

a man

What are my hobbies?

I love shopping with some friends and i also do sports!

Where is my cam placed?

office / home office

What is my fetish role?


What do I do in front of the cam?

chat / flirt, dirty talk, striptease, masturbation

What fetish practices am I doing?

foot fetish, shoe erotic, nylons, Sox, humiliations, doctor games, education, corporal punishment, role playing, spanking, drag, lycra, underwear, boots, blackmailing, slave torture, verbal humiliation, money slavery, breath control, petplay, cuckold, BDSM

Which characteristics do I have?

faithful, bitch, friendly, friendly, crazy, cheeky, wild, dirty, enjoying show-off

What was the best party I ever attended?

I don´t like to party. I´m happier when i´m allowed to relax on the couch ;)

How would a perfect date look like?

Zusammen ins Wellnesscenter gehen, saunieren, schwimmen, nackt sein und da nach vllt ein wenig mehr...

The thing I like most on me...

My stomach and my booty ;)

What I like most about sex?

I love to be dominant, not only in BDSM. I also love to lead through the sex and to seduce :)

What do I like to try?

My to-do list is nearly empty beacuase i´m a very open-minded person :)

My relationship status:


What kind of pubic haircut do I have?

Hollywood Cut (completely)

Do I have body jewellery or tattoos?

heavily tattooed

Which toys do I have?

whip, Food, Colour, Wax, Catsuit, latex/lacquer/leather/rubber, Overknees, Boots, gloves, collar, gag, chastity belt, handcuffs, tape, dildo, anal plug, Strap-On, clothespins

In which city would I like to live?


Which kind of music do I like the most?

Hip-Hop and 80ies

What do I feel like doing?

webcam chat

My fetish experiences are...

domina, very experienced, sadistic, Femdom

What would I take to a deserted island?

Meine Katze natürlich :D

What are my fetish taboos?


What was my most exceptional sex experience?

Boa, da gibt es so viele, frag mich doch einfach in der Cam!

When and how often am I online?

always sundays from 12 a. m. to 6 p. m.

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